Adjustable Sit Stand

Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30 x 60 Cherry Finish Silver Frame

Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30 x 60 Cherry Finish Silver Frame

Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30 x 60 Cherry Finish Silver Frame   Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30 x 60 Cherry Finish Silver Frame

Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30" x 60" Cherry Finish Silver Frame. Being productive and healthy at work can be tough and exhausting! With our A2 electric adjustable desks, you can use the electric touch memory handset to adjust the height from 24.4" to 50" tall.

The motor has 2 programmable memory settings, 1 preprogrammed home setting, and up/down manual adjustment buttons. Ultra-quiet electric motor will not disturb other people and is protected from overheating and overloading, but a power source is required.

The surfaces are large, solid, and professional complements to your office; the material is high-quality dense laminated medium density fiberboard (MDF), and the Cherry wood finish is pitted and scratch-resistant. We carry a full line of standing desks, standing desk frames, and desk risers to set on top of a regular desk, as well as a wide variety of fitness products. Features: - Raise and lower desk to alternate between sitting and standing - Convenient plug type design - Feet on the bottom keep the desk frame in place - Motor metal case has ultra-thin design - Easy to assemble - High quality construction with scratch-resistant pitted finish surface Specifications: - Surface Color: Cherry wood - Surface Dimensions: 30" x 60" x 1" - Surface Material: Solid and dense laminated MDF - Surface Weight: 46 lb - Frame Color: Silver - Home button height: 28.3" - Frame Material: Cold-rolled steel plate - Load capacity: 176 lb/80 kg - Lifting range: 27" - 46"/680mm - 1160mm - Expandable desk frame length: 43" - 63"/1100mm ¬ 1600mm - Voltage: 90-¬250V AC - Speed: 1.18" per second/30mm per second - 1 Motor 2 segment - Weight: 77 lb/38 kg Usage: You can use this at work or at home; Raise or lower your desk at will with the memory handset and electric motor High quality surface: Desktop is made of thick and dense laminated MDF; The Cherry wood finish is pitted and scratch-resistant for long-lasting attractive design Benefits: This affordable and adjustable electric desk has a sturdy design, a 176 lb capacity, and is quiet enough to avoid disturbing others Sturdy construction: Desk frame is made of cold-rolled steel plate; Motor has a high load capacity and protects from overheating Total Dimensions: 27" - 46", 60" long; Weight - 77 lb; See Specifications section and images for complete dimensions. When it comes to our company culture at Titan Brands, we've always followed one simple rule: provide our customers with the absolute highest quality of customer service that we can.

Titan Brands got started by building up a hard-earned reputation, based around making sure that each customer will leave satisfied enough with their experience that they'll want to spread the news to friends and family by word of mouth. We remain fully committed to not losing sight of that reputation, and our team is always willing to accept the challenge of making sure that you not only walk away from your shopping experience satisfied, but that you'll look forward to coming back in the future. The Titan team believes that providing you with an exceptional level of communication and service regarding your order is just as important as providing you with the equipment and supplies you need. Our full-time teams of sales, support, and customer service representatives work in-house and around the clock to ensure that you won't have to worry about any aspects of your order once they're in our hands. Simply place your order, and leave the hard parts to us?

We pride ourselves on providing a fully-featured, in-house customer experience from start to finish. In other words, we don't pass the buck once your order has been placed. That way, if there are any questions or concerns you might have about your order, our team is always a stone's throw away and able to quickly help. We're always happy to answer any questions that you might have!

As part of its evaluation of any claim, Titan may request that additional information be provided and/or may also request an inspection of the Product. Absent any agreement made in advance of any third party undertaking any work to repair any Product, Titan will not be responsible for any such expenses or costs. Accident, damage, negligence, abuse or misuse. Improper assembly, installation and/or maintenance (if applicable).

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The parties agree that should a dispute arise regarding the scope of this arbitration provision, the question of scope shall be delegated to the arbitrator(s) for determination. The arbitration proceedings and results are to remain confidential and are not to be disclosed without the written agreement of all parties, except to the extent necessary to effectuate the decision or award of the arbitrator(s) or as otherwise required by law. Feel confident knowing you can return an item for any reason up to 30 days after it has been delivered!

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Whether you want to add new equipment for your gym at home or you want to turn it into a fitness center, we can help. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Furniture\Home Office Desks". The seller is "titan_fitness" and is located in this country: US.

  2. Brand: Titan Fitness
  3. UPC: 049008264175
  4. SKU: 403038
  5. Type: Standing Desk
  6. Color: Tan
  7. Material: Wood
  8. Item Length: 60 in
  9. Item Height: 46 in
  10. Item Width: 30 in

Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30 x 60 Cherry Finish Silver Frame   Titan Fitness A2 Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk 30 x 60 Cherry Finish Silver Frame